Working from Home

Honey… I’m working from home!

For many of us over the last few months working from home has become second nature. Clearing out the spare bedroom to build yourself some office space; juggling kids, dogs and your own working day (becoming a super parents in some cases!). Whatever you have done to get in to a new routine of working from home may start to change soon. With guidelines changing weekly it is difficult to predict & plan for what is around the corner.

Some companies survive by having their teams together in an office environment, brainstorming and bouncing ideas off one another; others have realised that perhaps working from home (WFH) could be the next best thing to drive their company forward. With remote workflow platforms such as Swiftcase, driving a home based workforce has never been as easy. All things considered most employers are doing the very best they can to support their staff.

Weekly Zoom calls as opposed to lengthy, often un-productive meetings, staff saving money avoiding the daily commutes to the office. Generally employees are realising they have a lot more patience after learning to adapt to living and working at home.

Benefits of Working from Home

Recent statistics have identified that “two-thirds of employer’s report increased productivity for remote workers compared to in-office workers.” Well that’s food for thought. Let’s examine why: Why are our staff suddenly thriving and feeling as motivated as ever when they aren’t in their normal office environment? Is there less pressure of management breathing down employees’ necks, “How many calls have been done today?” “Has this been done?” “Has that been completed?”. Perhaps management taking a step back and focusing on guiding and supporting their teams as oppose to micro-managing is the key to a successful and productive workforce.

Is the flexibility around working from home promoting a more positive atmosphere towards work? Could it be the future of a more engaging, productive and positive work-force?

The Pitfalls

Despite remote working being a breath of fresh air for most employers and employees; let’s not forget that not everyone is in the same boat. Let’s talk mental health; “19% of remote workers say that they struggle with loneliness when working remotely.” That’s not overly surprising to hear as not everyone has family to keep them busy and motivated. Some newer staff members may not feel they can speak with their team members, perhaps they don’t know them well enough to drop them a message for a chat; work-related or not! Isn’t office banter what makes the day go that little bit faster?

A further 22% of employees said they struggle to unplug after work; moving from one room to another all within the same house. Although the majority of us are saving money by not buying lunch every day and also helping with pollution by avoiding the commute to work this doesn’t necessarily mean employees will be happier.

What we do to help as a recruitment Agency

Lacuna Recruitment have worked exclusively with clients around the Wirral, Liverpool & Chester areas to identify a plethora of top WFH/Remote working tips. Check out our social media for more hacks to keep you busy during isolation; from online courses to CV makeovers!

We believe this could be the start of a new way to engage your employees, drive productivity and save the planet all in one go… maybe not all at once! Talk to us, tell us what floats your boat.

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Meet Lucia

Lucia leads Lacuna Recruitment and is on hand to discuss any aspects of recruitment, headhunting, HR, on-boarding, CV selection throughout the Wirral, Liverpool and Chester regions.

Contact her on for more info on how to make the most of your day in the office.

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