MD of Lacuna, Steve Rossiter, has been challenged to run the London Marathon to raise much needed funds for Dementia Revolution.  We spoke to Steve about the reasons behind his challenge:

“My Dad passed away after a lengthy period suffering from Dementia. Seeing the impact the deterioration had not only my Dad but also our family and those close to him was heart breaking. The lack of ability to improve his health was almost incomprehensible until you’ve been there and experienced that similar situation.

Sadly many now do share that experience as we get older and live longer which makes it so important that we support the fantastic work of the Dementia Revolution in researching ways to prevent and manage the onset of Dementia.

Thank you for driving me on through the toughest physical challenge of my life ….26.2 miles!”

We’d be really grateful if you could spend just a couple of moments helping Steve meet his target by donating to this excellent cause that affects so many of out families: Virgin Money Giving

Passing Buckingham Palace during the 2017 Marathon

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