How to highlight the best elements of your company to encourage the best employees.

Employment is all about attracting the right candidates. You can’t just do this by placing a job advert on a job board and expect the perfect individual to come in. Thats where we can help! In order to get that perfect employee the business needs to emulate their culture, ethos and ethics across their digital footprint. Jobs should be written and posted in a specific way and in certain places, thats where we come in, we can do all this with a carefully curated recruitment strategy.

Here at Lacuna we look at your business as a whole to encourage the perfect candidates to work with you. We will identify any potential skills-shortfall within your organisation, create a coherent recruitment plan to meet both your immediate and longer term needs over a specified period.

Whats included in a recruitment strategy?

  • Long and short term goals
  • Skills shortfall
  • Current marketing materials
  • Culture development
  • Ethos development
  • Ethics development
  • Strategy
  • Suggested adjustments – with a full implementation plan

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