Choosing the best candidate.

From sifting through a mountain of CVs to honing interview questions to establish that candidates have the right personality, skills, knowledge, education, interests and experience to excel in your target position, we have many years of experience placing round pegs in round holes. We also believe that an interview is a two-way process, so giving candidates a realistic view of the role and organisation is equally vital. The process doesn’t end there, however, as we then perform a thorough reference check to establish that the C.V. and interview responses accurately reflect the candidate’s career history provides an additional layer of security.

CV Sifting

This time-consuming task requires an eye for detail. We have a highly experienced team who dissect CVs from all applicants ensuring you get the best candidates and applications to fit your vacancy. From previous experience, culture and personality fit to qualifications we will only bring you the best matches to your desk. We will contact prospective candidates to further shortlist and filter the most suitable matches starting with mandatory basic requirements to desirable attributes.


We walk you and the candidate through the whole process, holding initial interviews following the screening stages to get a better insight to what skills and talent the candidates possess. Interviews are a critical component in the process and must be done right to avoid missing out on a cracking candidate. We will feedback information to both our candidates and our clients allowing for an easy second interview with your team.

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