Securing the right candidate and bringing them on board.

Experience tells us that once the ideal candidate has been identified, the way the job offer is presented to them can make all the difference, so we’ll work with you to ensure that process is conducted as efficiently as possible, with the best possible outcome for all parties. We will then work with you to make the successful candidate’s transition into your workplace as seamless as possible.

Salary Negotiations & Job Offer

Leave the negotiations to us! Don’t underestimate this stage of the process. We are there to take the pressure off our clients having the dreaded “salary talk” with candidates. We understand that it’s not always easy and can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re both on totally different pages. We manage expectations for both parties ensuring clarity and ease ready for your interviews.

What we’ll do:

  • Act quickly to secure the selected candidate by telephone and then in writing.
  • Ensure that the proposed salary and benefits are clearly explained and any questions answered.
  • Try to alleviate any concerns or overcome any objections that the candidate may have.
  • Clarify their starting arrangements and help you to ensure that their first day and weeks go smoothly.
  • Help you to address any immediate areas of concern.

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Whatever your recruitment requirements, you can have confidence in us to deliver.