Out with the old…

…in with the new Website

We are delighted to announce that Lacuna’s website has been renewed, revamped and refreshed; looking better than ever.  Revolution 4.0 our trusted, go-to digital marketing agency lead the way to create the perfect user-friendly platform exuding the exact boutique, personalised and intimate service Lacuna offer on a daily basis. 

Boutique Recruitment

We see many recruiters succumb to the traditional blanket approach to clients and candidates, using keyword searches to fire out CVs to every client on their books; relevant or not. Lacuna understand that in order to find you and your candidate the perfect match we need to address culture, personality and skills not just “he/she looks good on paper…” hence our successful approach of creating an idiosyncratic alternative method to recruitment. Driving your business forward needs a team of experts to handle your processes for you, doing the donkey work, carrying the load allowing you that valuable time to focus on the other imperative elements of your business. 

Revolution Four have worked closely with us to generate a whole host of contemporary alterations to work around your busy schedule making it easier and more economical than ever to work with Lacuna Recruitment. From navigation around the website to condensed and pertinent content just for you. 

We would love you to check our new pages and feedback your experience! 

Contact Lucia, your local, Wirral based recruitment expert today to see how we can spice up your hiring processes. 

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Meet Lucia

Lucia leads Lacuna Recruitment and is on hand to discuss any aspects of recruitment, headhunting, HR, on-boarding, CV selection throughout the Wirral, Liverpool and Chester regions.

Contact her on lucia@lacunarecruit.com for more info on how to make the most of your day in the office.

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