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Recruitment Strategy - Who do you need?

Working out what your short, medium and long-term staffing needs are likely to be, isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds, so we get to know your business as if it was our own.

Then we’ll work with you to identify any potential skills-shortfall within your organisation, creating a coherent recruitment plan to meet both your immediate and longer-term needs over a specified period.

Questions We’ll Ask:

Where are the gaps?

What’s more important skills or attitude?

Hit the ground running or time to acquire necessary skills?
Is there a clear hiring criteria?

What are the key success factors and key performance indicators for the role?

Any barriers to successfully recruiting for a role?

Attraction - How to Find Them?

We have over 20 years of experience, recruiting at all levels over a variety of sectors. In addition to attracting candidates by drafting engaging advertising copy for use across a range of media, we’re extremely adept at networking and outreach – identifying and approaching qualified employees who might be looking for a career change, all of which gives us a better chance of placing the right person in the right position with the minimum of fuss.

Questions We’ll Ask:

How accurate is the job description?

Has the salary been benchmarked?

Are the terms and conditions on par with the industry?

What might you be able to offer a candidate that your competitors can’t?

What media would your ideal candidate access?

Selection - Choosing the Best Candidate

From sifting through a mountain of C.V.’s to honing interview questions to establish that candidates have the right personality, skills, knowledge, education, interests and experience to excel in your target position, we have many years of experience placing round pegs in round holes. We also believe that an interview is a two-way process, so giving candidates a realistic view of the role and organisation is equally vital. The process doesn’t end there, however, as we then perform a thorough reference check to establish that the C.V. and interview responses accurately reflect the candidate’s career history provides an additional layer of security.

Questions We’ll Ask:

Has the candidate taken the time to address your key hiring criteria in their job application?

Can the candidate demonstrate the behaviours, skills and qualities to add value to the role?

Has the candidate had a bottom-line impact in previous roles?

Do their strengths play to your organisation’s culture?

What are their financial expectations and do the match yours?

Employment - Securing the Right Candidate & Bring them on Board

Experience tells us that once the ideal candidate has been identified, the way the job offer is presented to them can make all the difference, so we’ll work with you to ensure that process is conducted as efficiently as possible, with the best possible outcome for all parties. We will then work with you to make the successful candidate’s transition into your workplace as seamless as possible.

What we’ll do:

Act quickly to secure the selected candidate by telephone and then in writing.

Ensure that the proposed salary and benefits are clearly explained and any questions answered.

Try to alleviate any concerns or overcome any objections that the candidate may have.

Clarify their starting arrangements and help you to ensure that their first day and weeks go smoothly.

Help you to address any immediate areas of concern.

Onboard Process - First Impressions

Starting any new job at any level and experience is difficult. We can play an integral role in working with you to help your new employee settle as quickly as possible.

The first 4 – 12 weeks are critical for your new team member’s well-being, establishing that they have made the right choice and are becoming comfortable in their new surroundings, therefore adding value to your organisation from day one.

To support this process we will conduct independent reviews on weeks 1, 4, 8 and 12 and will highlight any areas for concern and suggest strategies to work through any teething issues. After all, it’s in all of our interests to make this work!

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