How Local Companies can Employ a National Workforce

Working From Home

The lockdown has not only changed the way people work, but got them thinking about how they want to work in the future. An hour to get to work? That’s nearly a month over the entire year wasted! That’s just the tip of the working from home iceberg; from comfy clothes to the peace and quiet of a home office, workers are realising the myriad of benefits of working from home.

We have seen an influx of firms embracing this and incorporating home working into their future strategy. From an employers point of view this suddenly ups the game in terms of the recruitment pool. No longer are they fishing locally but dipping into the entire talent pool throughout the UK. (With only a little extra effort & cost, this could be widened to global.)

Increasing Talent Choice

We’re based on the Wirral peninsular which has a population of 330k. If we want someone to work from home, we can look at the 70m+ population of the UK, increasing our database 22 fold. For employers who can take on home based workers, suddenly the employee biased market is turned on its head. We instantaneously have a higher standard of people to select from.

recruitment agency wirralWith the vast majority of jobs now sought online, the location of the head office is relatively unimportant for most over their primary needs; security, progression, pay, recognition, etc. Geographic search range is normally a few miles around their home address but if they’re working from home, the employer’s location is almost irrelevant.

Recruiting Nationally

For some employers recruiting people to work from home may present challenges. Our team have over 20 years experience in working with remote or home workers around the UK for national firms. From really useful software, the ins and outs of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to arranging the entire recruitment process is something with which we’re highly familiar and, if we do say so ourselves, pretty good at doing.

As recruiters we’re happy to undertake the entire process from the initial job advert through to onboarding your new employee. However, we’ve found that many firms ask us to undertake individual aspects of the process, typically the initial marketing of the role and CV filtering. We’re open minded and happy to chat (we don’t do hard sales) so by all means please click here or call 0151 348 7017.

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