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Can we have a show of hands if you have had to work from home over the past year due to the pandemic?  According to recent statistics, London has more than 57% of people working remotely- that’s more than half of the Capital’s workforce are working from home.  This means no commuting to work, fewer expenses, flexible working hours…the list goes on. The question is, why wouldn’t you want to work from the comfort of your own home?

Companies across the globe have been forced to adapt & evolve allowing staff the ability to work from anywhere. The geographical restrictions have been lifted and not only are we promoting remote working for our current employee’s, but we are also have the opportunity to make new hires to anyone candidates from…well anywhere we wish. 

It is a fundamental rule in the world of recruitment that we are restricted to hiring candidates who have applied for a role within a certain parameter of the office space/ our back garden. What if we disrupted up this rule allowing the world to be your oyster? 

The beauty of there being fewer geographical limitations when hiring are, let’s say we are looking for a marketing manager. We are limited to only our local area, there is a batch full of incredibly talented candidates. Let’s open it up to the rest of the world, we might expect to find a prospective new employee who is based a number of hours away. With remote & cloud technology being the best it’s ever been, everything from interviews to training & development have never been easier. Go for it, take the plunge and explore the rest of the world for new talent and grow your business together.

Our tips for hiring across the globe

  1. Take note that this takes a driven & independent employee to not only work from home but to keep motivated. Ensure that you’re not basing your hires solely on skillset and also on personality and culture fit (yes this still applies even when we aren’t in the office)
  1. Promote communication with your employees, new and existing. Keep the conversation going perhaps with regular zoom meetings. Promote this within teams and with management too. This will reduce managers feeling the need to micro-manage and all staff members are kept in the loop with tasks and projects. 
  1. We know that not all jobs can be done remotely, choose your role wisely. We can’t expect a mechanic to do their job from anywhere, desktop-based roles are more suited to this. 

We believe that this isn’t just the latest trend but a new way of functioning for businesses. Due to the increased flexibility and allowance of a more suitable work-life balance watch your workforce productivity and retention increase. 

Jump into your new revamped talent pool and get on board. 

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Meet Lucia

Lucia leads Lacuna Recruitment and is on hand to discuss any aspects of recruitment, headhunting, HR, on-boarding, CV selection throughout the Wirral, Liverpool and Chester regions.

Contact her on lucia@lacunarecruit.com for more info on how to make the most of your day in the office.

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