MD of Lacuna, Steve Rossiter, is running in the London Marathon. We caught up with him to find out why…

I started running, or rather jogging, in October 2017 after many years of a sedentary lifestyle. Like many I got the running bug and really felt the health and wellbeing benefits. Having taken on the challenge of the Liverpool Half Marathon in March 2018 I decided I would have one shot at a marathon….not that I really truly believed it would ever actually become a reality. If you’re going to run a marathon then of course London is the one! I was successful, much to my surprise, in my application to run for the Dementia Revolution, a charity which is extremely close to my heart. No turning back….I’d committed!

And so in October 2018 just 12 months after I’d struggled to run one single mile let alone 26.2 miles I started on my marathon training journey. And now with a little over a week before the marathon itself I can do no more. I’ve trained hard and believe that hard work has prepared me well to achieve the goal I and many who know me would have found inconceivable not so long ago.

Besides the obvious fitness benefits the hundreds of miles training give you plenty of time to think and reflect. I’ve found myself often thinking about the similarities between this journey training for the marathon and the business journey I’ve been on since we formed Lacuna Recruitment in 2017.

The fundamentals of starting a business, that can easily be lost sight of, are extremely similar.

From the very beginning there must be a motivation to succeed. Motivation for each of us is different but it’s vital we find the motivating factors that keep us going when we need it most. Visualise what success looks like, where the motivation comes from and how it can be drawn upon. Some have visuals of goals and motivating factors, others watch coaching clips, read books, listen to podcasts ….whatever works for you.

Probably the most common question you are asked when entering a marathon is what time you will run it in. From the start before one foot is put in front of the other you set out to achieve a goal, a time you believe is realistic, achievable with hard work and most importantly an achievement you will be proud of.

And then there’s the training plan…..there are so many and everyone has some advice or guidance that is similar yet a little different from the others. Take the best advice from trusted sources and people, make YOUR plan and most importantly follow it!! The plan will take twists and turns, may be a little flexible at times, realise when it’s not working and adapt accordingly but never lose focus of the goal. The end justifies the means.

Some days are pleasurable, the sun is shining, everything clicks and the sense of satisfaction is immense. Others are difficult, tiring, nothing works as it should, it’s dark and cold and you’re left feeling frustrated and deflated. But crucially you get up and do it all again…work through the hard days determined to find the good ones and achieve what you’ve set out to do. 

Naturally you record the detail of every run to reward those little improvements and strive to achieve a little better next time. Without that information you would be running blind without any idea of where or how to improve. 

Break the marathon goal down into small manageable pieces. It takes time to get to where you want and need to be but maintain a focus on the goal and bigger picture and it will all come together.

It’s also important to have a mentor or mentors to share the highs and lows with, the good days and the bad, someone who has been there, knows and understands the journey and someone who can provide a sense of perspective and reality when you need it most.

Finally, on the verge of running my first marathon…the first and last I believed would ever do…..I have the determination to do another….quicker…more challenging… goals to strive for ! 

Bring on the hard work! 

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