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Meet Lucia & the Lacuna Recruitment team

An unfilled space; a gap.

Lacuna Recruitment was founded in 2017 by Steve Rossiter, a veteran recruitment professional together with marketing gurus, Nik Ellis and Justine McLaughlin.

Frustrated by the heavily sales-orientated recruitment agencies out there, they set out to break down the processes and found that it took a mix of marketing, data analysis and human resources together with interviewing & negotiation techniques. In other words, to do it right, it needed several skills, yet was typically handled by one sales orientated person rather than a team.

Today it is headed by Lucia Rudzinski, brought onboard to develop and evolve the original philosophy into a class leading recruitment strategy. Lucia is passionate about matching the right person to a role and utilises a variety of techniques to assess the skills, experience and often the psychometric match of both the candidate and the role itself.  She has a team of specialists supporting her for each aspect and skill of the recruitment process to ensure Lacuna gives 100% to every client.

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