6 Top Tips on Revamping Your CV

Revamping Your CV

Let’s be real, revamping your CV isn’t the most exciting personal task you’ll set yourself, right? The beginning of that endless process of trailing through reams of job adverts, sending your CV out left right and centre, wondering why you haven’t secured yourself an interview.

Here are our top 6 tips for writing a CV, scoring you that next interview.

  1. Be yourself in your personal profile

Writing your CV is an opportunity to market yourself. Take time to think about the epic parts of yourself. What have you done different to the next candidate? What can you bring to the table and why? Back all statements up with some evidence, why do you work so well in a team? 

  1. Keep your CV short and sweet

It can be easy to get carried away writing up your CV, we often over-compensate for our lack of confidence by writing everything and anything to bulk the wordcount up. The reality of it is, less can be more in this instance. Any more than two pages becomes long and monotonous for the reader, you want to keep your CV short and sweet…namely relevant! 

  1. Make your CV look the part 

Different roles require different CVs, for example if you’re looking to apply for graphic design role you might want to show off your skills within your CV. On the other hand, if you’re applying for something in a more corporate environment, you might want to mirror this in your CV layout. We have designed some perfect templates for you to download here. 

  1. Don’t list every everything! 

When compiling your employment history, try not to note obvious tasks and responsibilities. For example, as a waitress it’s pretty obvious that you would be serving food, right? So, remove the less obvious duties and include the more useful tasks that serve as transferable skills. 

  1. Keep your CV in chronological order, like a story

Your CV should be in order, usually from oldest to most recent. This will not only help the reader to quickly establish your education and employment history but will also help you to keep some order when putting your CV together.  

  1. Don’t forget the basics 

Need we say much more? If you are unsure of anything, use spelling and grammar checkers. Get it right, first impressions are lasting impressions. 

Now you have the foundations in place to write up the perfect CV.  Check out some of our CV Templates.  Contact us to help find your next dream job.

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