6 Benefits of Online Learning

“How am I supposed to fit a course in? I’m far too busy to study, I couldn’t fit anything else into my week…!”

“I’m far too past the point of learning and gaining extra qualifications now…”

“I haven’t got the motivation to keep up with the work on an online course, they’re so demanding…”

Recruitment Specialist Lucia talks online courses

Heard these before, haven’t we? Now more than ever the development of contemporary education is better than ever. Online education platforms are pulling together to make learning as easy as ABC… Over the past months, we have all adapted to a new way of life. Many have been furloughed, or even been made redundant. Although it seems there’s little light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes we must learn to dance in the rain! 

Here are 6 top benefits of how why you should be ‘online coursing’ today:

CPD/ Continued Professional Development

Students of all ages are able to continue to progress and obtain further qualifications and certificates throughout their career. Using the time over the previous months during lockdown or pursuing certified courses over the coming months will enable students to further their knowledge, confidence and development and potentially even land themselves in a better position in their current place of work or further afield.  Recruiting employers will value this self development.

Save the commute  

Past are the days of finishing a full day of work and driving to the nearest college, spending the first hour of the lesson signing in, recapping last week’s work, discussing missing work from other students. Also, we all have those days where we cannot wait to get home! No turning up late, soaked from the rain to then sit in a freezing classroom. Instead, home sweet home, cuppa tea and some online learning! 


The convenience of online learning is the ability to work around your schedule. You should not need to take any time out of your current career meaning you are not jeopardising your job for a certificate! This can work around family life too; don’t make excuses! Set yourself realistic and achievable goals by not burning yourself out or spending too much time each night. Balance is key.

Fraction of the price 

Online courses are historically considerably cheaper than the  average college course. The extras not included in the course make it more affordable; no commuting, no textbooks, no brand-new stationary. You really can do your online coursing on a budget. 


CV booster 

There really is no downfall to gaining extra brownie points for your CV. Completing genuine and relevant qualifications will now only boost your confidence on the chosen subject but will also stand you in good stead when attending interviews. When employer recruit they will pay close attention to additional courses and qualifications.

Learn whatever you want

From customer service courses to certified digital marketing courses, even recruitment, there is something for everyone!

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Meet Lucia

Lucia leads Lacuna Recruitment and is on hand to discuss any aspects of recruitment, headhunting, HR, on-boarding, CV selection throughout the Wirral, Liverpool and Chester regions.

Contact her on lucia@lacunarecruit.com for more info on how to make the most of your day in the office.

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