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    Looking for my perfect employee

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      At Lacuna we see and do things a little differently

      We understand that the recruitment challenges and demands faced by your business are as unique as the company itself. Your people are its’ beating heart – they need to be the best fit for your needs.

      Whether you’re in the public, private or third sector, start-up or established, big or small, our aim is to make finding and employing the perfect candidates for your vacancies as painless and simple as possible.

      Our ethos is very different from the ‘one size fits all’ approach adopted by more traditional recruitment agencies, where fees are based on a percentage of salary. Our fees are reflective of the service you receive, are completely transparent and made clear in advance.

      Whatever your recruitment challenges – attracting, assessing or retaining the right candidates, Lacuna have the experience and expertise to ensure you get the perfect people for your business.

      Job Advert

      One of the most important functions, often mistakenly carried out by HR; make no mistake this is a marketing function.  It is our role to market your company and the role to the correct audience, not simply a scattergun approach.

      We specialise & pride ourselves in really understanding your business and importantly the role, so that we can modify the recruitment specifically. We custom configure the advert & its questions to ensure the correct candidate demographic.

      CV Sifting & Screening

      This time-consuming task requires an eye for detail. We have a highly experienced team who dissect CVs from all applicants ensuring you get the best candidates and applications to fit your vacancy. From their previous experience, ethos and personality fit through to qualifications we will only bring you the best matches to your desk, both academically & culturally.

      We will contact prospective candidates to further shortlist and filter the most suitable matches starting with mandatory basic requirements to desirable attributes & ultimately that outstanding superstar.


      We walk you and the candidate through the whole process, holding initial interviews following the screening stages to get a better insight to what skills and talent the candidates possess.

      Interviews are a critical component in the process and must be done right to avoid missing out on a cracking candidate. We have specialist techniques to drill down into the various elements of the prospective employee.

      We will feedback information to both our candidates and our clients allowing for an easy second interview with your team.

      Salary Negotiations & Job Offer

      Salary negotiations can be a little awkward for some people, so we’re happy to jump in.  We don’t underestimate this stage of the process. We are there to take the pressure off our clients having the dreaded “salary talk” with candidates.

      We understand that it’s not always easy and can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re both on totally different pages. We manage expectations for both parties ensuring clarity and ease ready for your interviews.


      Congratulations, we’ve helped you make a successful hire! What more is there to say? Well on-boarding is an important process, ensuring the smooth integration of the new employee into your organisation.

      We are a dedicated team who provide a bespoke and boutique service to all our clients; saving time and money serving your organisation with all your staffing solutions. Go ahead, focus on driving your business forward and leave your staffing stresses with us!